TFEU Executive and Committee Members
July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018

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Executive Committee

President Peter Valbonesi
Past-president n/a
Vice-president Christine Choinski
Treasurer Kieron Drake
Secretary Charles Leung
Members-at-large Megan Hines, Wendy Leslie, Emily O'Neill, Sarah Peterson, Nick Rennie


Audit Committee Michael Infante, Philip Mckeen
Bargaining Committee Mary Ellen Bullock,Rea-Mae Nicolas, David Stange, Peter Valbonesi
Employee and Family Assistance Plan Committee (EFAP) Whitney Burgess, Karen Cheung, Kevin Lee
Grievance / Shop Stewards Jessie Hayek, Lesley Harrington, Calum Watson
Job Evaluation Lu Aldridge, Anne Field, Peter Valbonesi
Joint Accommodation Committee Carman Mackay, Sarah Peterson
Joint Occupational Health and Safety Jim Burton, Jenn Cole, Megan Hines, Sarah Peterson
Labour Council Delegate Emily O'Neill, Nick Rennie (alternate)
Less-than-Minimum Qualifications Committee Christine Choinski, Wendy Leslie, Calum Watson
Newsletter/Website Communications Joanne Enquist, Karen Rojem
Respectful Workplace Whitney Burgess, Jenn Cole, Charles Leung, Rea-Mae Nicols
Staff Pension Plan Advisory Committee David Stange (2019) Emily O'Neill (alternate)
Staff Training Jeannine Coulombe, Cheryl Lal, Rea-Mae Nicolas, Diane Osborn, Megan Pyves
Technology Reps Mike Barnes, Vanessa Terrell
Transportation Alternatives (TRAC) Jeannine Coulombe, Kayli Filsinger, Charles Leung
Wellness Committee Whitney Burgess, Andrée Gacoin, Michael Infante (alternate), Karen Rojem

Updated March 21, 2018