Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

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Every now and then, we all need some guidance and support in resolving our problems rather than facing them on our own. The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provides immediate, confidential, professional assessment and counselling to people who are experiencing personal problems of a psychological or social nature. Additionally, you have access to Lifestyle Information Services which include Childcare, Eldercare, Home Care Access, Legal and Financial Information services. Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact Information

Telephone: 1-844-880-9137 (Press ‘1’ for English or ‘2’ for French)
Internet:    https://www.workhealthlife.com/ (Note: Members can register online here.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)? 
The EFAP provides access to short-term (2-3 sessions) counselling away from the workplace, where your problems can be resolved in an environment of understanding and strict privacy. It provides confidential, professional consultation and assistance for you and your family around the following problems:

Counselling can be facilitated in-person, over the phone, via video counselling, or online    (E-counselling, First Chat or an interactive support program).

How is my confidentiality assured?
Your EFAP is designed to provide you the opportunity to resolve your problems in an understanding and private environment. Two people from your company will not have back-to-back appointments with the same counsellor ensuring that they will not accidentally meet each other. Identifying telephone messages are never left at work or home. All records relating to your participation in EFAP are confidential. No information can or will be given out without your signed consent.

Does the employer receive information about my use of the EAP? 
Morneau Shepell, the company which administers our EFAP, provides the employer with periodic statistical reports with non-identifying information such as the number of people who have used the services and a summary of the kinds of issues presented. These reports do not include names or other identifying information. These reports are absolutely committed to maintaining the anonymity and confidentiality of anyone using the EFAP.

Who are the counsellors for this service? 
Morneau Shepell has a network of counsellors across the country. They all have a minimum of a Masters Degree and an average of 10 years of clinical experience, with expertise in several disciplines, such as social work, marriage and family counselling, education, psychology and addictions.

Can my supervisor make me to go to the EFAP? 
No. It's your decision whether or not to use the EFAP. This is a voluntary program. Your supervisor may suggest the EFAP as a source of help, but you’re entirely free to accept or reject this suggestion.

If I have legal problems, can the EFAP give me legal information? 
Yes. The EFAP will provide a list of lawyers who can provide legal consultation and advice over the phone. If you decide you would like to obtain a lawyer for services, a referral can be made at a preferred rate.

Can I get help for a problem involving one of my dependents, rather than my own personal problem? 
Yes, eligible dependents have access to the EFAP, including spouses, parents, and siblings. Family members must access the program on their own due to confidentiality. Children under the age of 16 require a signed parental consent form to use Shepell’s services.

Will the EFAP provide help in resolving financial problems? 
Yes. Through consultation with one of Shepell’s financial professionals, you will be provided with information, tools and options to get the help you need.

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E-Counselling is a counselling service which gives you the opportunity to benefit from the high level of professional service you’d expect from face-to-face counselling, in a confidential online setting. Here you can discuss your problems and concerns with one of the highly skilled counsellors, online and at your convenience.

While E-Counselling is not intended to replace face-to-face counselling, it can be an excellent option for those who prefer this method of interacting with a counsellor.

Further Information

If I have questions about this program, who can I contact? 
BCTF: Yancy Ochoa
TFEU reps: Mary Chang, Kevin Lee, Marilou Strait

July 2018