Ergonomics at the BCTF

An ergonomics program has been developed at the BCTF to help reduce the risk of developing an on-the-job MSI (musculoskeletal injury). An MSI is defined as an injury or disorder of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, nerves, blood vessels or related soft tissues. These types of injuries can often be avoided if attention is given to proper ergonomics related to work flow, posture, aligning your body with equipment and furniture, adjusting your chair, keyboard tray and mouse tray appropriately, performing stretches, and taking regular breaks.

Ergonomic training sessions for staff are arranged annually. All new staff members are encouraged to attend as well as anyone wishing to have a refresher.

An in-house Ergonomics Team has been trained to provide ergonomic assessments and advice. New staff will be contacted by a team member to set up an assessment. The team (Whitney Burgess, Jim Burton, Joanne Enquist and Sarb Lalli) can be contacted by email at with ergonomic-related questions or to request an assessment.

Ergonomics information on the web:


November, 2015